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Our commitment to cleanliness extends beyond carpet cleaning at Aqua Steam. We offer a wide range of specialized services that include everything from cleaning carpets, rug and tile to upholstery and fabrics. All of our services are backed by our promise to exceed your expectations. We provide the best possible results by using our knowledge and skills from IICRC training, the right equipment, the best industry approved products and the most effective procedures for your specific needs. At Aqua Steam Services you will experience the clean difference, guaranteed.

Carpet Cleaning

As IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaners, we belong to an elite group of carpet cleaning experts. Being one of the few carpet cleaning companies in Lethbridge, AB that proudly maintains this status we truly provide a service above the rest. We have the credentials and more than 30 years of experience in carpet cleaning. We provide carpet cleaning services for Nylon, Polyester, Triexta, Olefin, Wool and other fibers.

When you trust Aqua Steam Services Inc. with your carpet cleaning, you have the assurance that you will receive the very finest in carpet cleaning services. Our Technicians understand that not all carpets are the same and require different cleaning methods and chemistry. Here at Aqua Steam Services Inc., you never run the risk of having a Technician use inappropriate products on your carpet. Our Technicians have the knowledge to access and choose the proper cleaning products for your specific carpet fiber.

We take great care to understand the various cleaning techniques that should be employed when cleaning carpet fibers that have been produced using various weaving techniques. Our Technicians never leave carpet fibers damaged from harsh chemicals, excessive water or aggressive cleaning techniques. We develop a cleaning plan for every fiber type we clean.

Every carpet, regardless of fiber type always must be cleaned with care and attention. Our commitment to you is that we will provide the finest carpet cleaning services in Lethbridge, AB available and we back our commitment with our full workmanship guarantee. Have your carpets and area rugs cleaned with Aqua Steam Services Inc. and Experience the Clean Difference!

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Upholstery Cleaning

As IICRC Certified upholstery and fabric cleaning Technicians, we are best in class when it comes to cleaning upholstery. Aqua Steam Services Inc. provides the essential care that your upholstered sofas, love seats, chairs and other items require.

Not all fibers are alike. There is a difference between furniture that has been upholstered with cotton and upholstery that is covered with microfiber. Each fiber reacts differently under different conditions and it is vitally important that technicians inspect each item prior to cleaning. Once a positive identification of what type of fiber was used to upholster your furniture and the seams, piping, zippers and cushions have been checked for integrity, the cleaning will only begin after the upholstery has been properly cleared of particulate soil. This includes extracting debris from crevices and corners.

The cleaning plan we use is always determined by fiber type and how your upholstery was manufactured or woven. We employ a low moisture, PH balanced cleaning method to reduce possible yellowing or shrinking problems. Proper tools are used to clean upholstery without any risk of damage to the fabric.

We are upholstery cleaning experts. We take our time with every item we service. We always follow industry standards and take steps to protect your investment. With Aqua Steam Services Inc. you have the assurance that our Technicians are accustomed to working with quality and will provide superior upholstery cleaning services and make sure you Experience the Clean Difference!

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Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are not only an investment that can enhance the decor of a room, it sometimes is an heirloom that is passed from one generation to the next. Many area rug owners are hesitant about entrusting these beautiful textiles to just anyone for cleaning. At Aqua Steam Services Inc. we understand the value you place on your area rug. We take precautions to protect each area rug we receive into our care to ensure that is properly cleaned and restored.

Aqua Steam Services Inc. employs best practice standards to ensure that your area rugs are properly handled and cleaned with care for optimal results. We appreciate the value of your investment and you can rest assured that your area rugs will be properly cared for.

Area rugs can be made from wool, silk or cotton, which are all natural fibers that can shrink from improper cleaning practices. In addition to possible shrinkage, area rugs are sometimes dyed with natural dyes extracted from vegetables, flowers, fruit, teas, insects or snails. These natural dyes can create beautiful colors that are often unique to Persian and Oriental rugs. If the pH of the chemistry used to clean these exotic area rugs is too strong, the dyes can bleed.

When it comes to area rugs, we are trusted, tested and respected for delivering a quality area rug cleaning service that is unsurpassed. Bring your area rug to Aqua Steam Services Inc. and Experience the Clean Difference!

*Please Note* call us if dropping off an area rug in advance, to be sure we are available for drop off (and pick-up once complete).

Tile & Stone Cleaning

Examples of surfaces that can be cleaned:

  • Stone and quartz counter tops
  • Tile & grout on most surfaces

Granite counter tops require regular maintenance.  Aqua Steam Services Inc. can deep clean these surfaces and reseal you counters to help repel staining over time and maintain their natural beauty.  Ask us about our Granite maintenance options.

Over time, all tile and grout will become soiled and develop an unsightly appearance. Unwanted soil and oily substances can also accumulate in the grout channels.  Aqua Steam Services Inc. is the trusted resource for cleaning Tile and Grout. We use a state of the art truck mount system that removes dirt and grime and leaves tile and grout sparkling clean.

Some homeowners wonder why their carpeting re-soils at such a rapid rate. In many situations this is due to a residual build up of soils on hard surfaces being tracked onto carpeted areas. This is especially true of areas adjacent to where cooking takes place. We can show you why carpets re-soil unusually fast and what you can do to safeguard against this problem.

Grout lines can be particularly difficult to clean. We are professional tile and grout cleaners who know how to restore Tile and Grout. Call Aqua Steam Services Inc. and allow us to provide you with expert tile and grout cleaning. We are Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration (IICRC) certified as Stone Masonry & Ceramic Tile Technicians. We effectively scrub the grout lines to dislodge any contaminants or soiling. We thoroughly clean porcelain tile, ceramic tile and grout lines. We also use hot water extraction to clean and extract contaminants from the floor, counter tops, back splash, shower stalls and all sorts of vinyl and vinyl planking. Tile and grout responds exceptionally well to our cleaning techniques. We believe you will be extremely happy when you Experience the Clean Difference!

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Carpet + Upholstery Protector Application

Protectant repels liquids and blocks stains. The end result is that your carpeting and upholstery stays cleaner longer, and this protection can help to improve the overall performance of these textiles.

Aqua Steam Services Inc. uses various protectants to protect fibers from water based or oil based stains. We understand how much your investment means to you and your family. Therefore, we always offer carpet and fiber protectant whenever we clean carpets or upholstery. We always use high quality product that has a proven track record in the industry for protecting fibers from soiling and staining.

When looking for carpet and upholstery protection in Lethbridge, AB we are the protectant experts. Carpet and fabric protectant has been used for decades to help keep carpet fibers and upholstery fabrics cleaner longer. Many textiles are hydrophilic, which means "water loving." Carpets and upholstery fabrics that are hydrophilic are more susceptible to water based staining. By the same token, carpets and upholstery can also be oleophilic, which means "oil loving." Carpets and upholstery made from oleophilic fibers can stain easily due to oil based foods.

Due to their high absorbency, silk, rayon, cotton and wool carpet and upholstery are particularly vulnerable to spills and other accidents. Protectant that is specifically formulated for these natural fibers are particularly beneficial and are highly recommended.

For optimal protection of your fine upholstery and carpeting, you can trust Aqua Steam Services Inc. to provide high quality fiber protectant services.

Pet Urine Contamination Treatment

People who love their pets trust Aqua Steam Services Inc. to manage special concerns associated with organic stains. Organic stains are not only unsightly, these stains are particularly troublesome and can eventually contaminate sub flooring as well as other areas of the home. We have the technology necessary to ensure that organic stains do not permanently damage your carpeting.

The first principal of odor control is to remove the source. The solutions we use at Aqua Steam Services Inc. are specially formulated to breakdown organic contaminants without compromising the integrity of hard surfaces or textiles. Our specially formulated deep penetrating enzyme oxygen urine treatment with truck mounted hot water extraction process neutralizes and helps remove these contaminants from your carpet and underlay in your home.

We have been servicing fine homes with pet treatment for over 30 years and understand some of the unique challenges pet owners have. With Aqua Steam Services Inc. you have the assurance of knowing that your floors will be thoroughly cleaned and that contamination levels are greatly reduced.

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