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Of all of the things you’ve done to make your house a home, your carpet is likely at the centre. It’s a soft place for feet to walk, kids to play and pets to nap in the sunshine. But it may also be hiding dust mites, allergens, bacteria and other debris that aren’t so healthy for you and your family. That’s an easy fix with our IICRC-approved deep carpet cleaning services. Not only do we eliminate harmful irritants, we also remove stains, extend the life of your carpets and make your favourite spaces look and feel great again.

Depending on how it’s made, your carpet may require special care. This is why we develop a cleaning plan for every fibre type in advance.

Carpet Cleaning Process

Before we arrive, we ask that you:

  • remove breakables and small items
  • vacuum carpets (if you can’t, we’re happy to do it for you for a nominal charge)
  • NOT pretreat any spots because it could cause a reaction with our cleaning products
  • NOT move furniture into the middle of the room because it interferes with our pre-spray procedure for main traffic areas
  • Be sure parking is available for our team

We love kids and pets, but ask that you keep them away from the area we’ll be cleaning.

While we’re there, we will:

  • do a thorough pre-inspection
  • protect wall corners with corner guards and lay drop sheets to protect hard surface flooring
  • apply our pre-spray (specific to your carpet)
  • agitate and pre-groom the carpet
  • apply a pH-balanced rinse and extract the carpet
  • spot clean, rinse and extract again
  • apply carpet protector (optional for an additional charge)
  • do a post-inspection and review with you
  • supply a high speed air mover if needed to speed the drying process

Before we leave we’ll do a post-inspection with you to review results and to make sure you are completely informed and satisfied with the work we’ve done.

After we leave, we’ve got these tips for you:

Drying time
Carpets can dry within a couple hours under ideal conditions, but this can vary depending on many factors like outside humidity, temperatures and air circulation. It usually takes less than 10 hours and shouldn’t take longer than 24 hours. You can help things along by increasing ventilation and airflow in the area.

Walking on the carpets
It’s best to stay off damp carpet both to avoid soil tracking and to allow the pile to dry in its ‘up’ position. If you do have to walk on your freshly cleaned carpets, we suggest that you wear clean socks and no shoes. Shoe dye and soil in treads can transfer to a damp carpet. We can supply a fan to speed this process.

Moving items back
Wait until your carpet is totally dry before you move furniture back. This will help avoid getting moisture trapped beneath the legs possibly causing wood stain transfer or rust spots.

Removing protective pads
Foil squares and blocks under your furniture should be left in place for 48-72 hours. Removing them too soon can result in permanent wood or rust transfer to your carpet.

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Carpet Cleaning Add-ons

Carpet and Upholstery Protector Application

Everyday life can get messy, which is why it’s a good idea to protect your carpet and furniture from inevitable spills and stains. Our carpet and upholstery protectant is formulated to repel and block water and oil-based liquids. Not only does this treatment make it easy to clean spills, it also prevents stains from ruining the look of your furniture and carpet, keeping them in as close to new condition as possible.

Pet Urine Contamination Treatment

Even the cutest pet is bound to have the occasional accident, leaving an unsightly stain and unpleasant odour on your carpet. Our deep penetrating enzyme oxygen urine treatment will refresh your home in a two-part process. We identify spots with black-light technology, treat them with liquid enzyme, then extract the urine and neutralize the area. We then treat the carpet with high-concentrate peroxide pre-spray and follow it with steam cleaning.

Maintenance Program Sign-up

There are three simple steps to keep your carpet, rugs and upholstery looking great:

  1. Vacuum regularly. How it helps.
  2. Spot clean spills and stains as they happen. Get tips.
  3. Professional deep clean every 12-18 months. Learn why.

The first two steps are up to you, but we’re happy to help you stay on top of step three. You decide how often you’d like your carpets and textiles cleaned and how you’d like to be contacted for booking. We’ll send you reminders that you can opt-out of any time.

Maintenance Program